3-Gun Nation

Get started 3-Gunning today!
3-Gun, or multi-gun is a great sport to get into, Not only does it make you a better shooter, it challenges you both mentally AND physically. Just like any competitive sport it can be a bit intimidating to get started. Here’s some things to remember to help eliminate the nerves:

  • Find a shooting range in your area that puts on local 3-gun matches.
  • 3-Gunners are generally great folks, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and ask questions!
  • Ask a friend to come with you. Even better if they’ve ever competed in shooting sports.
  • You don’t need anything fancy, just your rifle, pistol, shotgun, and a way to hold ammo.
  • Don’t be concerned with the divisions yet.
  • It’s a learning process and it’s about HAVING FUN!

For more information, visit the 3-Gun Nation website.