National Range Officers Institute

The United States National Range Officers Institute was designed to establish a structure for the creation, accreditation, recognition, and maintenance for USPSA members wishing to become match officials. Following the goals of the Range Officer Creed, the organization ensures that Range Officers are the best trained, the best qualified, and the best prepared, to a same world-wide standard, in conjunction with IPSC/IROA officials. There exists a direct relationship between the quality of the officiating, and the quality of the competition. Officials can enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow staff, and be proud to be a part of the fraternity of officiating.

The Purpose and Goals of NROI

  • Establish national training standards for Range Officials.
  • Advise on aspects relating to the safe conduct of competition.
  • Advise on rules of competition and principles of good course design.
  • Certify and recertify Officials.
  • Serve and support local and national USPSA matches.
  • Where relevant, offer support for international matches.

Visit NROI’s website for more information.