Weekly Update 10/18/12

Here are the results for last week’s USPSA match at GWR: http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-display-match-results-detail.php?indx=6447   Upcoming matches: Saturday, October 20, 2012: BGSL Monthly IDPA, Wilmore, KY – Registration @ 9:00AM, Hot @ 10:00AM Info here: http://www.bgslinc.com/modules.php?name=BGSL_Sport_IDPA&file=page&load=Home.html Sunday, October 21, 2012: Bud’s GWR Monthly USPSA, Lexington, KY – Registration @ 9:30AM, Hot @ 10:30AM

Weekly Update 9/20/12

Here are the results for last Thursday’s weekly and Sunday’s monthly USPSA matches at GWR. September 13 – Weekly USPSA http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-display-match-results-detail.php?indx=6193 eptember 16 – Monthly USPSA http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-display-match-results-detail.php?indx=6195 TONIGHT’s match at GWR will have a SILENCED HK MP5 as a prop gun on one of the stages. Come on down and join in on the fun! […]

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Sept 6th Updates

Here are results from last Thursday’s match: http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-display-match-results-detail.php?indx=6026 Upcoming matches: TODAY! Thursday, September 6, 2012: GWR Weekly USPSA, Lexington, KY –  Registration @ 5:30 PM, Hot @ 6:00 PM Saturday, September 8, 2012: BGSL Monthly Steel Challenge, Wilmore KY – Setup @ 8:30 AM, Registration @ 9:00 AM, Hot @ 10:00 AM Info here:  http://bgslinc.com/modules.php?name=BGSL_Sport_Steel_Showdown&file=page&load=Home.html Sunday, September 9, 2012: Silver […]

Update August 18

Here are the results for Thursday’s match at Bud’s GWR: http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-display-match-results-detail.php?indx=5800 MATCH CANCELLATIONs: The following matches have been CANCELLED, but will resume regular schedules after said cancellations: Sunday, August 19, 2012: Bud’s GWR Monthly USPSA Thursday, August 23, 2012: Bud’s GWR Weekly USPSA Saturday, August 25, 2012: Rockcastle Monthly USPSA Upcoming Matches: Sunday, August 26, 2012: Miami Pistol […]